Seidler Classic Supercars (SCS) was established in 2015. My passion is classic supercars from the 1960s - today and I collect, restore and sell high-end European and American classic cars like Jaguar, DeTomaso, BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Shelby etc.


My vision is to collect, restore, drive and eventually sell classic supercars and to help fulfill your dream of owning a classic car - whether it is for investment purposes or to enjoy driving a true classic car. SCS only acquires and sells original, documented and high quality classic supercars at competitive prices. Typically, I will own any classic car for 1-3 years before selling it on. This means that I know the cars well and that any mechanical problems have been dealt with.


Classic supercars are for many people the ultimate dream representing both memories of the past and passion for the future. SCS can help make these dreams come true. Classic supercars have also proven to be amongst the best investment options available, and SCS helps you create value through investing in classic cars.


Occasionally I have more ordinary sports or luxury cars in stock. This also means that I am interested in trading in your sports or luxury car in case you are considering to invest in a classic car.


You are always welcome to contact me by phone or email for an informal discussion about the car of your dreams. I will do my utmost to help your car passion become reality in a serious and confidential manner.


Selling your car?

If you have a car to trade in or to sell please contact me for a discussion and evaluation of your car.