De Tomaso Pantera GTS

1973 DeTomaso Pantera GTS

Very rare, original and recently restored European DeTomaso Pantera GTS, which has only driven 2,500 km since restoration. This Pantera has spent most of its life in Sweden, where it was also restored. This car has never been modified and features its original and numbers matching engine and ZF 5-speed transmission. The interior is like new with new leather on the original seats and all instruments fully functioning and original to the car. The original spare tire also comes with the car. Driving a Pantera GTS is exhilarating! The big center mounted Ford V8 sits right behind you and creates a roar whenever you push the accelerator. The car is very fast, responsive and well balanced due to the mid-mounted engine. This particular Pantera GTS is in outstanding mechanical condition and extremely powerful. I have owned several Panteras including GTS models and this is by far the fastest. The transmission works flawlessly and the car is a blast to drive!

A total of 7,082 De Tomaso Panteras were produced, and the European Pantera GTS is highly collectible due to its rarity – the exact production number is unknown, but probably only a few hundred European GTS ever rolled off the assembly line. Several performance upgrades compared to the normal Pantera also characterize the GTS. The European-market Pantera GTS boasted 350 hp compared to the normal 330 hp and performance-oriented suspension and engine upgrades. Wide fender flares and black bumpers, side mirrors and antenna are also signature for the European GTS. Although the DeTomaso Panteras have already increased in value in recent years there is still significant investment potential due to the rarity and extraordinary performance of this Italian supercar powered by its American Ford V8.

First registration 5/1973

Kilometers 3,450 (since restoration)

350 hp

0-100 km/h in 5.5 seconds

Top speed 280 km/h

Price 107,500 Euro / 800,000 DKK (sale pending)

Leasing price 3,500 DKK / month and 165,000 DKK in down payment (Nykredit Leasing). Contact us for an individualized offer.